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Current Projects and Needs

  1. We have over 200 children in Fort Jacques, Haiti needing sponsorship for school tuition, one backpack, one pair of shoes, and school supplies for the upcoming school year(12,000$)......and 100 more in Sarthe, Haiti and 300 more in Mirebalais, Haiti. Schools charge various prices for tuition. Some are only 10$ per month while others like Kindergarden are 25$ per month. Our schools in Mirebalais and the 2-room school we are building in Sarthe will be free to the Haitian children but we will need sponsors to help pay for the teachers, supplies and uniforms.
  2. The village of Sarthe, Haiti is in desperate need of a school, of which there is NONE! It is too far for the children to walk to another village. A small two room school is purposed to be built on top of the church. The estimate for the supplies is roughly 15,000$. The men of the village have prayed and decided to work for free and help God bless their children! Their one room dirt floor church is also in need of a cement floor and a new ceiling because of water leak damage before it collapses! Their homes are tents and discarded trash made shelters.
  3. Funds to help pay for teachers in our New School in Sarthe, that we are believing God to build. And then we will need funds for backpacks, school supplies for the children. And around 2,100$ per month to buy rice for the families who are in need. WE ARE ALWAYS ACCEPTING DONATIONS OF DRAWSTRING BACKPACKS!
  4. At Emmanuel Baptiste Compound in Mirebalais, Haiti..we are in need of funds to rebuild an Orphanage destroyed by hurricane and our Mission church that are severely damaged and in fear of forced shut down by Government unless we rebuild quickly!! We also need funds to pay the 8 teachers who regularly work without pay.
  5. Sponsorship for missionary Crystal Lawson to fulfill the call of God on her life.
  6. Sponsor 50$ monthly to give a salary to our 25 Haitian Pastors who selflessly work for God currently with NO INCOME. They walk 10 hrs. from their mountain village for Seminary each month at Pastor Frisnel's Compound to learn and re-load and carry the WORD of GOD back to their villages. They complain none, they walk by faith expecting and waiting for their miracle to come! How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

Sarthe Church

School will be on top

Mud floor of Church

Desperately needing to concrete!

Ceiling of Church

About to collapse needs

Emergency Repairs!

New School in Sarthe

Progress to date, awaiting funds!

Homes in My Village

Discarded Trash-made Home

Discarded Trash-made Home

The Precious Children of Sarthe

Awaiting your sponsorship and HELP!

UPDATE February 2014 !

Our School Built 5 blocks higher!


School roof going up by workers with NO shoes to wear on their feet.


Roof is UP! PRAISE GOD! Next is the Gutters and cistern, iron doors and windows, benches!

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