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Many Ways to Get Involved Today!!

Donations are Tax Deductible!

Become a Monthly Partner!

10$ 25$ 50$ 100$ ___other

You can sponsor a child, one of our 25 Haitian Pastors or 11 teachers, or building projects for as little as

$10 monthly hug.. That is only $120/year Providing shoes, supplies and backpacks. We currently have over 500 children needing sponsors! Write or text the word "picture" to our address or phone along with your mailing address and receive a pic of your sponsored child after your payment!


$25 monthly hug... You can sponsor the items above AND Food (Rice/beans) & help pay tuition costs (Some schools are only 10$per month while others like Kindergarden are 25$ per month)


$50 monthly hug... You can sponsor the above AND help Pay the Teachers in our School or one of our 25 mountain village Pastors currently preaching the gospel with NO INCOME!


$100 monthly hug.. You can sponsor all the above AND Help with our Building Projects!!

Be a part of building a school in Sarthe, rebuilding a hurricane demolished Orphanage in Mirebalais, Haiti!


The Haitian Government has deemed our Mission Church unsafe and forcing a rebuild due to damages sustained in the earthquake!!!

Just send a text or email after you sign up for sponsorship IF you want a child sponsor packet including picture of a child that YOU are helping to rescue from poverty!


Choose your monthly subscription amount below..

Make a one-time donation!

We need your help today!!

Any size donation is needed and appreciated!

Some of our Children you can Sponsor....Just text or email me your child age/sex preference and a child picture packet will be mailed to you!

Check out more pictures and conversations on the Facebook page Hugs From God. Daily blog while teams are on location or when home collecting supplies to return! Stay update on daily news and excitement!!


Missionary Crystal Lawson to sing/speak about Haiti and give your church or organization a chance to join our efforts in prayer & fundraising. Be a part of God enlarging the borders of this David-sized Mission to slay the giant of hunger and see lost souls saved and encouraged in the Lord!

Pray & Fast with us!

To Contact us


or write P.O. Box 850 Richmond, Ky 40476

call/ text (859) 585-9288

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